Quest Festival

Set in the iconic Son Tinh Camp, an hour away from Hanoi Quest Festival, is one of a kind. With headline acts like The Orb, Jon Kennedy and Stars and Rabbit alongside local and international talent from across the world.

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4000 revelers will be making their way to Son Tinh Camp this November to take part in a one of a kind experience, unique to Vietnam. Quest Festival boasts a diverse lineup every year with acts coming from all over the world to have some fun in Hanoi for the weekend. There is a highlight on local Vietnamese acts which is bringing the music scene here to the forefront.

Tickets run from 700,000 VND ($30) for Sunday tickets to 1,800,000 VND ($80) for weekend passes.

Ticketbox is where you can grab your tickets.

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*Photo credit Dao Tiep & Jesse Meadows

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